Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pocket Icons at Saintly Images

Many people in the Orthodox Christian Faith use small icons when traveling or to leave at work or in the car.  Most often you will see them as a folding item, rather like a tiny book which when opened shows an icon (the Greek word for image) on one side of the Theotokos (Greek word for god-bearer) also known as the Holy Mother or Virgin Mary, and on the other side an icon of Christ.  
I have been making 2 sided glass pendants with icons for some time now and selling them on Etsy.  This spring I mis-ordered some glass pieces in the wrong size and rather than try to cut them, I made larger pieces which I felt were too heavy to be pendants.  So I decided they could be pocket or traveling icons.  
I have some on Etsy and I am trying a couple on Ebay as well, just to see.
I've not seen anyone else do the pendants with icons of saints and have not seen any pocket icons like these, so hopefully people will like them.
This one has St. Michael the Archangel, patron of the military, policemen and fire fighters.
This one has a guardian angel and shows Christ's ascension.
Although most of these are orthodox icons, many Catholics use icons and some protestants do too.
 I was just reading a book on the rosary and saw how like the rosary the icons are as a focus for prayer and meditation.  
Above is one with St. George slaying the dragon.
Hope you enjoy.

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