Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catching up on Orts, Crafts and Projects

Good Morning on a beautiful Palm Sunday!  Hope you are having as nice a day as Miss Moochie here, doing her morning stretching routine.  She better enjoy it now because it will definitely get harder if she is indeed pregnant as I suspect.  The other little miss, Marilyn Monroe is most assuredly pregnant, being about as round as she is long.

 And at long last my ort jar for the monthly TUSAL, filling up with ends from St Nicholas.  I only have a quarter left to do then the halo which I am going to make larger and add gold thread to.  He is coming along so beautifully and with the changing of thread colors so often, I don't get bored.  I used to get bored with cross stitch, but I had never done one with this type of pattern where the range of colors made it more as a painting.  I definitely enjoy this more.

And here are some of the pendants I've been working on for the craft fair in 2 weeks.  I have about this many more to do so posts may be slow until I get them done.  In case you have not seen these kind before, they are made with 2 pieces of glass with the pictures sandwiched between, so you have 2 images per pendant, like getting a 2 for 1 bargain.  The edges are sealed and soldered and a jump ring attached.  Sometimes I add dangles of beads and sometimes I create a beaded necklace to hang it from.  The new ones can be found in my Etsy shop after the craft fair, and the older ones are in my shop now.
Here's the new additions to the kitchen, check out the corbels under the cabinet.  Makes it look much more vintage and that it actually has some support.  I also hung my wooden cookie presses - those are the 2 dark things on the wall beneath he cabinet.  I have another one on the other wall.  Plans are in the works for a new one bowl sink soon,  as I found that Ikea has an affordable stainless steel sink.  We have a store here even though it is an hour away.  That also means that this seafoam green countertop will be going away soon in favor of a wooden counter that I will stain and seal into oblivion.  It also means a new faucet with 2 handles and a big crook neck and a sprayer, if you please.  At least it is what will please me.  I am so very tired of water going everywhere because my large pots and pans will not fit into the sink and because I have no sprayer.  
And I know what you are thinking......when is she going to hang the cupboard doors?  I do have them almost finished and hope to get them up by next weekend.  It would mean one entire cupboard done.  Only one more above and all the bottom ones to go!

And this little project I finished yesterday.  This is the fridge with its new contact paper and new handle redo!   When I was a child the house we lived in had metal cupboards and it wasn't until I was a teen that we got real wood cupboards and a new counter.  But my Dad, being the DIYer that he is, even before it was fashionable, covered those metal cupboards in contact paper and sealed them with shellac.  I remember helping to pop the air bubbles with a pin and working them flat.  They were everywhere.   
It was really easy this time around as they seem to have improved the contact paper so that you don't get air bubbles.  Even putting on the new handles was a breeze, although taking off the old ones was yucky, you have no idea how much gunk gets in behind those!
Also in this picture you can see that the wall still needs it's lightening up coat of dry brushing, the cabinets on this side have not been touched and I am still deciding about the flooring.  The 1/2 wall which is a coffee bar now will be redone with a wider top as it also accommodates the toaster oven and any treats such as cakes or cinnamon buns the resident poet may need.
Better finish up for now, lots of crafting to do on the rest of my day off and back to work tomorrow.


Lord Wellbourne said...

My, but you have been busy!! It all looks splendiferous. I want a sink like the one you describe too. I really dislike the useless double wide sink I have. And you're running a half-way house for unwed feline mothers-to-be with everything else you have going on. Bless your heart!

By the by, how's the Pompeiian bathroom coming along?

Amy said...

Looks great.

I love kittens. I loved every minute of all the fun. Some one threw out a pregnant cat. She was so tiny. Not more than a kitten herself. She gave us four babies. I will remember it forever.

But I am not sure what is more cute, baby bunnies or kittens. It is a toss up!!!

Have a wonderful Easter week.

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