Sunday, March 21, 2010

Orts, Laws & Governments

Republic of Texas flag.

I had very good intentions of putting up a picture of my ort jar for this month's TUSAL, but alas the camera is gone for the day.  I also wanted to take some pictures of the gorgeous spring flowers in bloom even though we are having freezing temps again, but again, no camera.  
It's all for a good cause, the resident poet is off to an afternoon discussion with his county representative and others about Texas laws.  This is part of the Republic of Texas movement, not the State of Texas government.  Apparently Texas was illegally made a state of the Union and we don't even have to secede from the United States, even though the State of Texas can legally do so.  For about 10 years there has been a growing group of people re-forming, or should I say bringing back,  the Republic of Texas government.  It takes time because a lot of the written laws have just recently come to light and of course many things have had to be amended such as women's rights and so on just to catch up.  
The good people involved are for the most part, not politicians, which is a good thing, but it also means they are ordinary working people trying their best to figure out how to do it all 165 years after the last ROT government met in a congressional meeting.
I hope they can actually make it work one day in the near future as I would really like to live in a republic, not the democracy that the United States has become, especially under the present socialistic, force it down your throats, take away your freedoms congress and cabinet, not to mention the leader of the thing who spends more time traveling at our expense and showing up on talk shows than actually listening to the American people and what they want.
Sorry if I have offended anyone, I rarely say anything political, but it just came tumbling out and after all we are still entitled to have our opinions and so far we still have free speech.  Tomorrow I should have a regular post with pictures of my ort jar and my projects.


June said...

I need more information before I can comment.
If Texas becomes a republic apart from the US, would George W Bush's presidency and everything he signed be retroactively declared invalid?

Lord Wellbourne said...

Quite true--you rarely if ever get political. I may disagree with you but....You Go, Girl!!

Ah, June, if we could only make 'W' retroactive. Back to the day before his conception.

Texas' tourist motto is "It's like a whole other country". I'll be thrilled when it is!

ladyhawthorne said...

Hmmmm, not sure June, on GW, probably we are stuck with the history that is unless we can get into another dimension.
And if the ROT takes back ALL of the Republic of Texas, it takes what is now Oklahoma and parts of other states too. Imagine the uproar that could cause! Not to worry for the next few years at least.
I guess I'm more politically minded lately because of all the crap going on in Washington these days.............

Amy said...

Why do you think we moved to Texas!!!

I am heartsick this morning. Shall I take my five year old to file for bankrupcy this morning?

I am not a polical person. But I am just damn mad.

Von said...

Onya!!! Roll on the Republic for you and for us!Good work hope it happens soon.

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