Sunday, November 22, 2009

Better Late Than Never......TUSAL

Well here I am almost a week late.  Seems like everyday there was something that did not let me get my pictures taken nor let me get to the computer to make a post.  So here is my November TUSAL photo.  My ort jar is almost full...except if I squash it down there will be more room.  Mostly there are cotton yarn pieces since the last photo and I can't show you anything as they are Christmas presents.
But I can show you the little table the ort jar sits on.  It was a recent project.  Originally it was a lovely stained wooden table that opened up to store silverware.  According to the metal label is is 'British Made'.  Along the way someone spray painted it with glossy white enamel.  Then it got beat up looking and the enamel was chipped and scratched.  I don't mind the shabby chic look, but this was a long way from chic.
So I spray painted it with a bronze paint and used left over pieces of uphostelry fabric for the sides and top insets.  Edged it all with uphostelry gimp and now I have a piece that fits right in.  I tried using a wallpaper border adhesive to attach the fabric but it would peel right off, so I ended up using hot glue for both the fabric and the gimp.  Success!!!
And since my good silver lives in a box that came with it, I use this table to store my boxes of embroidery thread.  There's a little drawer there at the bottom and I store my scissors and such in that. 
Now it matches the antique buffet that I also used the fabric on.  I'll take some pictures of that for later.

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Branlaadee said...

Your table looks awsome! You did a wonderful job finishing it. Your TUSAL jar looks wonderful sitting on it. :)

June said...

Very neat! I really like the upholstery pictures.
Umm. What is "ort"?
And what is TUSAL?

Lord Wellbourne said...

You never cease to amaze me, Lady Hawthorne, with your inexhaustible creative talents. That table is absolutely awesome.

craftyles said...

What a unique little table. You did a wonderful redo on it. It looks great!

Cozy Little House said...

What a pretty piece!

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