Monday, November 23, 2009

What is an Ort?

I had a couple of questions in the comments of my last post so I am addressing those here. 
What is an ORT?  I am very familiar with this old fashioned word as it is used quite frequently in crossword puzzles and I love crossword puzzles.  For those interested, an ort is a leftover of something.  In the case of my last post it is a leftover piece of thread or yarn, the end piece I cut off. 
The other question was what is TUSAL?  Usually I write out the whole thing but for some reason I did not this month.  A SAL in the internet world is a 'stitch-a-long'.  There are a lot of us who are nowhere near a sewing group or could not get to the meetings if there were one.  So we have virtual stitch a longs, knowing that others whose blogs we read are working on their embroidery or knitting projects just as we are.  The TU part stands for "totally useless".  As in collecting the orts or end pieces of your thread or yarn and saving them in a jar of some sort and once a month on the new moon taking a photo and posting it on your blog.  I have a link box in the right hand column that will take you to the blog of the lady who started it and tell you more.  And you will find a list of stitching bloggers there also. 
Some folks are planning to stuff a pin cushion with their orts, one lady puts hers in clear plastic balls and I borrowed her idea and will do that with mine when the year is over.  Some folks also collect the paper labels from the thread in a jar.
In short it is a fun thing to do, that takes no extra time or space and you get to meet some really lovely crafty bloggers.
So thanks, June, for asking!


June said...

I thought "ort" stirred some dim memory for me; I used to do crossword puzzles too... Thanks for the explanation!

Now "stitch along" I never would have figured out on my own. No memory, dim or otherwise.

ladyhawthorne said...

not to worry, I had to look at a lot of blogs before someone wrote it out so I understood it. Stitchers tend to use a lot of acronyms I've noticed.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Since you do such fabulous work you could call your collection of left-overs 'Fine Orts' Sorry, couldn't resist.

I save all my orts of sewing thread and embroidery floss along with some bits of ribbon and scatter it about in spring for the birds to build their nests with. It's such a thrill to see a strand of metallic thread catching the light--makes me feel useful.

Anonymous said...
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