Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Irish in Our Family

First of all, a large part of my family is Irish.  My maternal grandfather was a McClain and sometime in the late 1700's our ancestor came over from the 'Auld Sod'.
I have had other Irish in my family that has nothing to do with bloodlines.  Let me explain.  I consider my cats to be my furbabies as I don't have human children.  Sometimes my cats bring home other cats to join the family and I really don't mind as long as they behave themselves.  After all, I am the local cat lady.  Quite a few years ago in a different home, my cats invited what they considered to be the ugliest cat in the neighborhood in for dinner.  Perhaps they really felt sorry for her because she had a pointy little nose and her tail was not fluffy at all.  At any rate in she came through the cat door and was happily eating away at the catfood bowl in the kitchen.  Once we discovered her, she was put out and we thought that was that.  Only she had babies, two to be exact which we named Fiona and Seamus.
They invited themselves in for dinner so we relocated the cat door to a window and didn't have any more problems.  And I didn't have to call my roommate in the middle of the night to extricate one of the twins from the corner of the living room or the pewter laden shelf in the dining room (that was a rather noisy night.)
And now I have yet another Irishman in my family and yes the cat's either invited or maybe just allow him to share their dinner, on the porch this time as we have no cat door.  I've named him Sean because even though this is a totally different neighborhood I figure he's a cousin to Fiona and Seamus.  Why, you ask?  Well they all have the same last name...O'Possum.
Sorry for the bad picture, it was taken through the glass storm door. 
And here's Precious and Marilyn Monroe who seem to be offering all sorts of invitations to dinner lately.  At last count there were 9 cats and 1 possum that dined on the porch.


Branlaadee said...

Sounds like my place. I have my 6 furbabies inside and then there are the multiples outside....and some are related to your Irish friends. They have the same last name! LOL

Lord Wellbourne said...

Ahhhh...........memories. The O'Possum twins are still one of my favourite stories to tell folks up here about my life in Texas. All I have now is Scarlet's brush with the goshawk and Jezebel's determination to bring down the deer that comes into the back yard every afternoon for lunch. I want to get THAT on film!! I'm afraid they're getting some very naughty ideas from the Animal Planet Channel.

It's good to see Precious, too. She's got to be, what, 20 now?

ladyhawthorne said...

I've slept since then but I think Precious is now 18.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Yay--she's old enough to vote!!

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