Sunday, October 18, 2009

October TUSAL Update

Here's my ort jar for the October TUSAL.  There are bright colored threads on top from the button quilt I just finished and gold and purple and green  from the medieval ladies I am embroidering.  Somewhere in there is some green yarn from the latest dishcloth I knitted.
The Totally Useless Stitch A Long is still open to anyone who wants to join and virtually meet some other wonderful stitchers.  Click on the link on the right to sign up!

Here's a picture of my latest projects on my kitchen table.
This is the button quilt.  I whipped it up rather fast and except for the buttons it was all done on the machine.  The random squares are all types of fabrics: linen, taffeta, velvet, satin, faux suede, upholstery fabric, lace and more.  Bordered by a satin ribbon and edged and backed with more satin.  This little quilt is for a young lady who is the niece of a lady I work with.  She is 22, blind and mentally challenged.  She is a sweet girl and loves her baby doll.  I felt that a doll quilt would be appreciated and one with lots of different textures would stimulate her mind.  As a last thought I added the buttons in different shapes and sizes for even more texture.  I will be giving it to her tomorrow so will let you know later if she likes it.
I have worked on the purple and gold section of one lady's skirt these last 2 weeks and the purple sections of the lady with the lute.  I am trying to use up odd lots that have no label or were old runs of DMC and no longer match the new colors with the same numbers.  Funny, I had always heard that DMC never changed their dye lots but I guess that is not so.
This is my latest finished dishcloth.  I experimented with mixing a ribbon type yarn with the cotton for a color option.  What I found was that it made for a much better scrubbing  action when doing the dishes.  So now I am making some more with the mix of the 2 yarns.  Some I am making for Christmas presents so you probably won't see them here.
Fall has arrived here on the Gulf Coast of Texas with a lovely cold front.  No humidity which is heaven in itself and temps in the 70's.  I am loving it!  I feel so much better without humidity, less aches and pains.
Dinner is about done so I must go for now.  Happy stitching to all my TUSAL friends.
addendum:  Crystal loved her button quilt!


Karen said...

Nice progress on your TUSAL. Love the ladies!

ladyhawthorne said...


Rhonda in OK said...

I think Crystal's quilt is so nice - and how nice of you to make it.
Your button idea would be great for a little wall quilt too.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Love the ladies!! Reminds me of the pillows you did way back when. You are still an exceptional needle artist!!

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