Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrifted Linen Treasures

I promise I'll get to the thrifted items, but thought I would show the only update on the kitchen.  I know this is sad that all I have gotten done is to put something on each shelf, but it is the truth.  I quite like my jaunty rooster on the shelf rather than on top of the cabinets, I can see him so much better.  I had thought a grouping of small items would be good, but what I have is short and you can't see them well with the railing in front.
Hopefully I can get more done this weekend but I am not holding my breath as it is supposed to rain again and what I need to do next needs to be done outside when it's dry!

And the tablecloth is completed and has been used.  Here's the first side with the 9 patch.
Here's the 2nd side with the toile squares.  I rather like its homely wrinkles ;-)
And a closeup of the border I added.  My quilting is not the professional kind you will find elsewhere in the quilting world.  My stitches are not even nor are they small.  Quite honestly, I would go blind and bored doing that.  Mine stitches are random sized, homely stitches and I enjoy the quaintness of them.
Speaking of homely and quaint, this is one of my thrifted treasures from last weekend.  A pretty red embroidered tablecloth just the right size with a running stitch reminiscent of my own quilting as the hem stitching.  The fabric is feedsack material, I just love it!
I have more dresser scarves than I could possible ever use but I can't resist ones with pretty embroidery and crocheted lace.  I mean, I know how much work went into it, someone used their spare time to do this incredibly fine work only for someone to throw it in the charity box.  I guess I should be grateful they didn't throw it away and that I had a chance to save it.  Really, I have an overflowing container of this type of thing, but I have to save them from uncertain futures.  This one has quite a few holes in the main fabric, but I think I can replace that part or at the very least use the embroidered ends on something else.

Here's a doily I also picked up in excellent condition.  I got all these at one place, I think perhaps it was a cleanout of someone's grandma's stuff and nobody liked or wanted it.

And just to prove I don't always buy old stuff, I picked up this runner with gold machine embroidered angels too.  It looks homemade so maybe grandma took a class at some point.  Anyway, I will be using it for Christmas.


June said...

My mother used to crochet and tat and all that stuff. All our little cotton slips and pillowcases had homemade lacy edges. I have her Special Occasion tablecloth, with embroidered cutwork. It includes her addition of a small embroidered flower, outside any of the design, to mend a tiny hole.
A few weeks ago Husband and I stopped at an antique place (they are everywhere here) and I started going through the linens. I stopped myself and walked away; I admire them and I sense the touch of working fingers upon them, but I wouldn't use them.

Lord Wellbourne said...

I'm doing the same thing here. My mother thinks I'm losing it. I can't stop myself from rescuing these treasures.
If you come across any Battenburg linens that you'd like beaded let me know--Winter's coming and I need projects. I'm allergic to snow shovels. No cure.

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