Sunday, September 20, 2009

September TUSAL and More

Time for the September Totally Useless Stitch A Long! 

My ort jar looks quite full but it's because I haven't squashed it down.  The multi colors in the center topped with dark green are all from the needlepoint kitty doorstop I finished a week or so ago.  Still haven't completed the doorstop part, things keep getting in the way.  There are off white quilting thread pieces from where I am stitching my tablecloth together, I will post a completed picture hopefully next weekend.  On top is a lot of blue and some gold, these are blue linen and gold embroidery thread from the flag my resident poet asked me to make.  I used some heatbond stuff to stick the star in place on both sides and then discovered that it gums up the sewing machine needle so I am having to satin stitch around the star by hand.  Time consuming and it was not really in my plans.  Oh well.  The picture below is of my progress so far.
This is the flag of the Republic of Texas.
Here's the only thing I have done on the kitchen redo, hang the 2 corner shelves I got for $1 each.
I had some veggies that needed to be used so here is the pot o' soup with veggies and barley I made today.
I have been finding some treasures in the thrift shops in the last 2 weeks.
4 lovely pewter goblets that will definitely go with my medieval/pre-raphaelite decor.  $12 for the set.
A gorgeous silk applique and embroidered jacket for $12 and in my size which is hard to find.  The red is really a muted color, not sure why it turned out so bright in the photo.  This was a steal as I'll bet it was originally around $80 or more.
Enough pretty gray mohair for $2.50 to make something, the resident poet wants a winter hat.  I've never made a hat but we'll see.
A cool old recipe book $1 with lots of handwritten and cut out extras.  Lots of notations so there's bound to be good stuff in it.
Book of Kells picture book 50 cents.
And an old household hint book for 50 cents.  I love these old things, they have such handy stuff in them.
Hope you found some good things if you went thrifting this week.
Check out my other blog Economizing Measures if you need some basic tips on mending clothes and hemming.

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Karen said...

Great "progress" on your TUSAL. Great finds too.

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