Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lone Star Flag

Here's Chaucer napping on the flag fabric before I started...pretty much what I feel like doing today, lol.
The Republic of Texas flag is a blue field with a lone golden star, sometimes called the Burnett flag.   There is a large group working on making it the Republic of Texas once again.  The state of Texas does not even have to secede (thought we can legally do that) since it was never legally made a state of the US.  If you are interested, check out  We are not the only 'state' wishing to leave the US, Hawaii is working on it also.  Anyway, since the resident poet is running for house representative for our district, he wanted a flag.  Much cheaper to make one with stuff I already had than to buy one.  And he appreciates the work that went into it.

This picture was made just before I finished the satin stitching around the star but it looks complete.  I will also be adding a little band at one end and grommets.  This took me all week as I have not felt up to par because of allergies.  Two nights I came home and just went to bed after work.  I only do that when I don't feel well.
I think Chaucer is trying to say something profound here, maybe "Mama made it"  He really does call me mama.  Seems like all my male cats learn to do that, I wonder if males are just more talkative?
Picked back up on the medieval ladies embroidery last night.  I would like to get that completed this year and hang it up. 
I have baby tomatoes growing!  I had given up on them but the rain and cooler weather has them producing again, so maybe I'll have fall tomatoes.


Anita said...

Chaucer is so cute! :-) In these pictures he looks like korat.

ladyhawthorne said...

love your kitties Anita. Chaucer has a twin sister named Jezebel that now lives in Maine.

Medieval Muse said...

Gorgeous kitty and perfect name!

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