Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kitties at the Cottage

I thought I would show you some updated photos of the outdoor cats since I actually got some decent ones.  This is Wiley, he belonged to the previous next door neighbors but they put him outside when he didn't take to being played with by their small children.  He was a rescue cat and obviously had some issues.  He likes it much better outside anyway.  He made friends with us and decided to stay here.  When Callie had her kitten she chased him away being over protective but she is no longer around (I think she's one of those that the animal control picked up) so Wiley is back.  He is very sweet and loving and has been putting Miss Marilyn in her place.
This is Marilyn, named for Marilyn Monroe because of her beauty spot beside her nose.  She is Callie's baby and has a grand opinion of herself.  Precious lets her do what she wants and Wiley is trying to teach her who is alpha cat.  She is a bit skittish still and won't let you come near her, but at least she doesn't run out in the yard now when I go out on the porch.  See, she even let me take her picture!
The flash did something odd to her eyes, but this is Precious, my old lady cat of 16 years.  She has 6 toes on each foot, a Hemingway cat.  Mostly she sleeps all day, on the roof if it is not too hot or raining.  As you can see, I've been feeding them on the swing bench lately.  We have a problem with fire ants here and if they find the cat food, they will swarm over it and the cats can't get any without being bitten.  If you have never dealt with fire ants, count yourself lucky.  They are vicious.  The bite quickly starts burning like fire and will for a while.  The next day it itches and makes a pustule.  They will swarm you if you disturb their hill, and they hang on - it's hard to get them off of you.  Thankfully there is an organic liquid that does a good job of killing them, its called mound drench.  Anyway, I've had to move the food bowls 4 times in the last 2 months. 
And to close out the evening, here's a photo the resident poet took recently.  However I think it is sunrise not sunset.  But it's pretty!


Branlaadee said...

Beautiful sunrise!

Your kitties are adorable. 6 toed cats are supposed to be good luck. I had one as a child, but they seem to be really, really rare in our area.

Your kitty door stop is cute. And I cant believe you are going to use that quilt as a tablecloth! My family would have it all stained in no time. LOL

ladyhawthorne said...

The tablecloth will wash and there's just me and my resident poet who's only home every other weekend right now. We can make a mess too, especially with gravy, lol.

June said...

Cats, sun-skies, and gravy. It don't get no better'n 'at.

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