Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kitchen Redo - Part 4

I had a camera for 2 days!!! So here is my update on the tablecloth I am making. I got the 2nd side cut and pieced. I took the resident poet's suggestion to make a solid large square instead of a 9 patch square, therefore I used small patches to create the borders instead of solid beige pieces. The beige pieces are at the corners. Since the fabric I used for the large squares is a toile, it looks very French country.
And here is my kitty doorstop needlepoint completed. Just need to choose fabric for the back and bottom and clean up a brick to put inside. Don't worry, the garden has a plethora of bricks.
Here's one of the $1 shelves I got at the charity shop. I have some touch up yet to do but needed to take the photos before the camera left again. Its a base coat of brown/black, crackle medium, and top coat of the pumpkin brown I chose for the cabinets. I will sand places for wear marks too once it all dries well. And a sealer topcoat too.
Here is the 1st set of cupboard doors sanded and ready for painting. These cupboards are made of what I call hamburger board. Wood pulp mixed with heaven only knows what and molded. If they get wet they fall apart. As you can see they have a 'lovely' pickled pattern on them which is a paper finish of some sort. Just like all the cheap furniture you can buy at Wally World. What you are looking at is actually the back of the doors as I prefer the simpler design instead of the raised center panel the 'right' side has. You can also see my ugly linoleum here and the stains that came with it that will not go away no matter what I use. I am debating ripping out the lino and just painting the wood sub floor as I am going to do in the living area. Still thinking on that one because of the water issue in the kitchen, but if it is sealed it should not matter.

Here are the corbels I got at Home Depot with their base coat of brown/black and the crackle medium. I had just put a coat of the pumpkin brown on the backside and it was still wet.
This is my workspace today at the dining room table. We had lunch at the computer desk. For a drop cloth I used plastic shopping bags with the bottom and handles cut off and one side split open. They work very nicely and you get one more use out of them. I usually use cloth bags for shopping but sometimes forget and save some for cleaning the litter box and the rest get recycled.
Here's the 1st cupboard sans doors. Don't know why the photo came out making it look saggy in the middle, I assure you it is not. Glass front doors would be pretty but not if you are looking at this inside and I don't have all that much cabinet space to give some away to a pretty decorated area.
I really like the old, 20 layers of paint look I am getting and think it will be absolutely fabulous when its all done. It is going slow as I am working full time again and I'm too tired when I get home at night to work on it, so it has become the weekend project. 3 days this weekend!!! I will hopefully get those 3 doors painted tomorrow. I need to pick up some sealer before I can hang them.
Till next time...

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June said...

My my my, you are busy! ...and to good effect, I might say.

I love thrift shops too.
And craigslist . . . and my *new* chairs from c'list...
I love used lamps and have one coming from eBay...a 3'-tall Stiffel for $40, including the shipping cost.

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