Monday, August 24, 2009

Virtual Vacation Dreams

I haven't said much about the garden because there isn't much to say. Something ate the cucumber and squash, only 1 1/2 of the 6 cantalopes are still alive and although the tomato plants look great I have had less than 10 tomatoes. The jalapeno is not doing badly and it's in the shade! Everything else has just had to take care of itself with the 100+ degree days and high humidity--thank you el nino. Maybe next year I will opt for a garden like the one above, the birds don't seem to use my birdbath anyway.
Here are inspiration pictures found all over the internet. Wish I could have had a get away vacation at a beach cottage somewhere with no people and falling asleep to the sounds of the surf. Usually I don't 'do' white anything but in a beach cottage it seems to be right.
A little or a lot of serenity is always good on a retreat vacation.
Can you say cool breezes and icy lemonade?
Rocking on the porch in the morning...that's the life.
Time for an afternoon siesta.
Hope you enjoyed my virtual vacation. What would your destination be?


Carol R said...

For someone who doesn't 'do' white you sure have chosen a 'white' virtual vacation. I love white so that would be my dream house! Can I have a vitual 'housekeeper' too?

ladyhawthorne said...

You wouldn't need one on a virtual vacation but if you wnat one I don't see why you can't have one. lol.
For some reason I think white or should I say whitewashed is a wonderful non color for a serene and peaceful place for a vacation or a get-a-way. If I had a real beach cottage it would be something like that, very minimal and very plain. But it would be restful. In real life I love color and royal rainbow colors in small amounts here and there.

June said...

I think your little garden in the birdbath is just precious. It took me a minute to realize...

I love all your white vv photos. And I love to wear brilliant jewely colors. Maybe if I had a vacation cottage I would be the centerpiece!

Hm. I haven't been away on vacation in years and years. There really isn't any place nicer, to my mind, that where I live, so why bother? Surf sounds good and I don't have that, though.

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