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Kitchen Redo Part 3 - Lighting

I finally found some light fixtures for the kitchen that I like. The original fixtures are in the picture above. They sell them for $7.97 at Lowe's in case you need a functional yet ugly light fixture. I have replaced all but one in my house and it's in the closet so I don't foresee changing that one. The main problem with finding light fixtures that work in a mobile home is that my ceilings are slanted and are only 9 feet at the center point and 7 feet along the outside walls. And for some reason, I can't stand ceiling light fixtures that are not hanging level, I can't stand the slanted look. I put up some others in the kitchen and have had them for 8 years but they didn't really work. They were outdoor lights rather like hanging lanterns and the only way you got real light was to take off the bottom part which gave you an exposed bulb. They're gone.
This is what my new fixtures look like with the light on.
And the light off. It's a really pretty swirly glass and the picture does not portray it very well. I do need to get some CFL's with the small base though, the 20 watt bulbs I have are not enough light. These are pendant lights from Lowe's and you can choose which lamp shade you want and how low you want them to hang. About $60 total for the 2.


The following are the other light fixtures in my home and except for the dining room chandelier they were all the same ugly globes that were originally in the kitchen. You'll notice some pictures show popcorn ceilings - they are slowly going away as I scrape it off - yuck! I hope the person who invented the stuff was buried in it!
This is the present dining room light and I have a replacement for it already but have not put it up yet.
New more functional light in the study, it is white, not blue. This one does slant but for the functionality I will live with it.
This one is in the spare/storage room. A freebie from a friend who used it as a candle holder, I just added a light kit and cut stained glass panels to fit. It's too large and will probably get replaced one day.
This was an EBay find for $5 and I hung it in the laundry room. I'm planning to change out the glass to something lighter and more neutral. The look works as my laundry room has stone wall wallpaper reminding me of a cellar.
This one I picked up locally for $10 and it hangs in the hallway. We rarely use it but I like the way it looks. It was too long to hang from the light box - those sloped ceilings again - so I swagged it over to the tallest wall. It works.
This one is in my 2nd bath which has a vintage 70's wallpaper with medieval people. I got it at a local charity shop and repurposed one of the ugly globes. I removed some really ugly orange plastic stuff that was behind the gothic lattice. Though there is burnt orange in the wallpaper, it just didn't work for me.


Now I know you are thinking....what's with all the Mediterranean light fixtures? Do you know how hard it is to find something to go with my medieval/renaissance/pre-Raphaelite style? I improvise a bit, sometimes it works well, sometimes not so much. Some of these I will replace in the future when I find something I like a lot better.

Like this fixture in my master bedroom. The room is done as a medieval walled garden and I found this light fixture marked down to $32 at Lowe's because it had been a demo. The swirly pattern on the glass is really lovely and the floral look works with the decor - I'll post on that in the future -and it gives off better light than the one I had up before. It was really too big and if you were taller than me you would have to duck. Be glad I don't have pictures of that one.


That leaves just one more room, the master bath. This in my all time favorite light fixture and it was a free gift from a friend. I painted the walls in an ancient Roman style with faux marbleizing. I'll post about it later too.
This is what the 2 globes look like, gold painted lightweight tin. Very middle eastern. I think they work perfectly in my Roman bath.
This is what it looks like at night with them on. I just love the light pattern. Not enough light to put on makeup? That's OK, I don't wear makeup normally and if I need more light I can use the other bathroom.

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