Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kitchen Redo - Part 3

Mom wanted another post so here you are! The picture above is of the 9 patch squares I am making into a tablecloth. Some of the fabric is thrifted and the rest is fat quarters or 1/8 yards bought at fabric shops. Some is from Hobby Lobby at 30% off. As you can see I needed one more square for this side of the tablecloth. I want them all different. I found some more cloth at another charity shop yesterday and picked up 2 more darks at Walmart. One more square and then I will work on the ones for the other side. The opposite side of the cloth will be 9 patch in reverse with 4 dark and 5 light patches.
These are my new toys. And my new best friends. It saved my wrist and hand from having a carpal tunnel meltdown. And it was so very fast. Why O why did we not have these things when I was doing so much quilting in my early years?
I also picked up this toile fabric at Hobby Lobby at 30% off to make new seat covers for the dining room chairs. I like how they match my dishes. I am planning to make a curtain/valance for the kitchen window with it as well but don't know quite what style yet.
This is my TA DA! I found these lovely corner shelves at a local thrift shop yesterday. I have been thinking about adding shelves at the end of the cupboard. I am planning to extend the counter top to the end of the wall and that means the cupboard would stop short. Shelves would extend it without being bulky.
And they are the perfect size! Why is it my TA DA? Because I needed some and now I don't have to build them and they were only $1 each! Sure beats the $100 I spent on 5 corbels and 16 pair of black hinges. That is the most I've spent so far and it almost killed me to hand it over. But painted hinges don't last and the ones that came with this trailer were crappy to say the least. I have one door I have to fix about every month.
Here's a picture I found on the Internet just for fun. This is the most creative root cellar/basement/storm shelter I've ever seen. Talk about re-using/re-cycling!

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