Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kitchen Redo Part 2

Just for reference, these are my curtains throughout the dining and living area. The lace I used in my apartment and my Mom found several more panels for me when I bought my little trailer cottage. The darker panels I bought at Family Dollar for $10 each and since I only use them to frame the windows I cut them in half lengthwise so I didn't need so many. A nice warm tapestry with hints of red so it will go with all my red kitchen items. It's a great room, or would be if it were a bigger house.
I picked up a quart of a slightly darker, more brown color and I like it better than my original choice. At least the cabinets stand out more. It is still not chocolate brown, nor too dark, is still a warm color and still looks period. When I say period I mean a color that would have been used in the colonial era 1630-1775 and even earlier. Doing a little research online I have found that golds, reds, blues and greens in deep warm tones were favored even as far back as the medieval era. Not everyone had the wherewithal to afford to paint, but they were preferred colors for decorating. Now that I am set on the cabinet color it is time to finish the walls and get busy with the cabinets. You'll notice I did a little fine tuning with the top of the cabinet collectibles. I like this better, less crowded. The stuff on the counter are other things I was trying out as well as my red dish drainer. I did go to Lowe's today but they had no corbels I liked, so I will try Home Depot. I am debating whether I need 3 or 4 corbels under this cabinet to look right. I think 3 will do it and the cabinet on the other wall will only have 2, mostly because my microwave will not fit if I put in 3.
I did find some new light fixtures for the kitchen at Lowe's. I spent $60 of my etsy money since they were not on sale. I have been looking for about a year and these were the first I really liked. I will install tomorrow and put up pictures.
I checked out hinges as mine are gold and the handles which I got at a thrift shop years ago are painted charcoal in a metallic finish. I was thinking of repainting them bronze but I think I will stay with the charcoal. I just need black hinges, they are $2.67 a pair and I need 16 pair. There's a pantry with 6 doors you have not seen yet. I've tried painting hinges in the past and it just doesn't work, they end up chipping and and look terrible.
This all started with a group of scraps I got for $1 at a charity shop. Then I hit Wally World, Joann's and a local quilt shop. These are mostly fat quarters or 1/8 yard strips. I thought a new table cloth would be nice if it were handmade not just a fabric square hemmed, which describes most of my tablecloths. Years ago, too many to count, I made a table cloth and quilted it without batting for a friend. Now I'm going to make one for myself. I know, I know, another project, do I really need another one? No, but I can't have just one thing going on, I swap back and forth between them so I don't get tired of them. Anyway, I am doing a plain 9 patch, nothing fancy. I will probably do it all on the machine, maybe even the quilting part. I've thought about a reversible cloth too, we'll see. My table is only 36" square when folded. It opens to double that if needed but I rarely need it that big. I even splurged on a rotary cutter and mat at Wally World for less than the price of a rotary cutter alone at the quilt shop. They have pretty things but not in my budget, clearance fat quarters were all I could afford at $1.50 each. You can see the colors go well with my dishes by the plate shown below. I bought all my dishes one at a time from a dealer on ebay. They are seconds but look just fine to me and I love the castles. This design of Old British Castles from Johnson Bros. has been around a long time and each different piece has a different castle. I have picked up some other red transfer ware and it works well with these, they don't all have to match.

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