Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recent Thrifted Treasures

Here are some recent treasures picked up at thrift stores. Above is a lovely oval wooden bowl, a butter paddle and a short spoon. They all look much better for having had a good cleaning and oiling. These will obviously be used in the kitchen. The bowl will hold fruit, the spoon goes with all the rest of the utensils and the butter paddle? well maybe I can learn to make butter? It was too cool to pass up.
Last week I got this huge bin of yarn, 99% is pure wool and there are 2 colors that will be enough for good sized projects. Lots of fun colors to play with, now I can practice felting which I have been wanting to try.
I also found these plaques. Not sure where I'll put them yet and I will probably paint and antique them. I think they look properly medieval, they remind me of ceiling bosses.
And best of all was this pewter salt & pepper set from Italy. It's a really nice set, the salt even has a plastic insert. Now I can replace the boring glass ones I was using on the table. And this is a pepper mill not just a shaker, yeah!


Liz said...

That wooden bowl is fabulous!

ladyhawthorne said...

It is nice, but it's only about 10 inches across, so just right for a fruit bowl. I have a huge dough bowl I picked up for $8 about a year ago. I had to sand that one, but it's gorgeous.

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