Thursday, July 30, 2009

Useful Thrifted Treasures

I needed to make a trip to town (10 miles away) today and checked in at the local charity shop and Goodwill. Goodwill had nothing that grabbed me but the charity shop had these bargains. 3 very nice hand towels for the 2nd bath, a crocheted doily, a lovely cup from the Isle of Man, a nice stack of sewing books including some techniques I had not thought of like beading with your sewing machine. I figure what I don't keep I can resell on etsy in the supply shop. And a complete kit for a needlepointed kitty doorstop. I have not done needlepoint in a long time and this one actually appealed to me as I love cats and need a good doorstop for my bedroom door. It's the only one that won't stay open.
Liz commented on my last post about the wooden bowl so I thought I would show you a treasure I got a year ago. This large dough bowl set me back all of $8. I did have to sand off some kind of weird sealer, but with several coats of oil like it should have had, it's gorgeous.

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