Friday, July 24, 2009

Past Cross Stitch Projects

I have done embroidery of all types for milennia now, or at least it seems like it. Since I now have quite a few stitching blogs I read thanks to the Totally Useless Stitch A Long, and there are so many posts with lovely cross stitch work, I thought maybe I would share some I have done. Most of the work I did in the past has gone to other people. I have kept a couple of pieces and the one above is the Medieval Embroiderer from Marbek. I stitched this one 20 some years ago and was only able to afford the frame because I was managing a frame shop at the time and got it wholesale. It still cost me $20 even back then. I actually have another of these frames as I was going to do the companion piece Renaissance Embroiderer but never did. I'll put something in that frame one day.
This piece was a pattern out of an old Just Cross Stitch Magazine of the Magi. I just had to work it. I wanted a large piece though to use as a wall hanging so instead of using aida or linen I used needlepoint fabric and stitched with all 6 strands of DMC. I went through tons of thread, especially 735 the turquoise blue. The one in the magazine was stitched on blue cloth and I just had to make it look the same. There are lots of metallic threads and some beads though they don't show in the pictures.

I just love the robes on the magi with all the stables' animals at their feet and the holy city in the background.

There is so much detail in their faces.
I changed up some of the design and added more metallic threads, being larger it could handle it.

The floral border took forever, but not as long as the blue background.
At the top are diamond shapes, each with one of the gifts to the Christ child and some lovely camels.
This piece took me over 10 years to complete as I didn't work on it all the time. Definitely not in summer as it was too hot and sticky and I did not have A/C. Someone made a comment once that it must have taken so long as it is so big (about 24" x 32" without the satin border) but that's not it as it would have been the same number of stitches had I made it with aida cloth as a 12 x 14.
Needless to say, but I will anyway, it hangs year round in my living room. I don't think it looks Christmasy because of the colors and I like looking at it as I walk in the room. Soon I am going to actually hang it from a rod not just thumbtack it to the wall.


Branlaadee said...

Beautiful work you have done there. I love to see the companion piece for your Medieval Embroiderer.

The Magi is beautiful. I love the colors in it too. Get that piece a nice rod!! :)

ladyhawthorne said...

I actually have a rod for it but it's too long and distracted me has yet to cut it down to size.

June said...

You do beautiful work! Truly, truly gorgeous!

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