Thursday, July 23, 2009

July TUSAL and Embroidery Projects

Here's my July TUSAL jar level. It's not squashed down so It looks like more than it is. There are some pale green threads from some stitches I ripped out, some white threads from where I made cotton bags to store Charles mementos from his grandfather, and a mix of threads from the 2 embroidery projects you see here.
The medieval ladies is a piece of printed fabric that came in a wonderful oval brass frame with convex glass from the 1920's. While the 1960's fabric is great, I wanted to embroider it to really make the ladies pop. I decorate in a medieval / pre-Raphael style so this will hang between dining room and living room when finished.
The biscornu is my first ever and I used fabric I had on hand. You can tell it's not true evenweave as there is more space on 2 of the sides but I think it's pretty good for my first go round. The needlecase is my first one too. I enjoyed working on it and may try a pin keep next.
This is the back side of the 2 blackwork pieces. I chose to use pearls instead of buttons as pearls were so popular during the reign of Elizabeth I, as was blackwork. I don't like lightweight pin cushions as they slide all over so I added 4 drapery weights in the bottom before I stuffed it with chopped up wool yarn. I'm very pleased with these items and they will get a lot of use. I will probably make more as gifts.


Karen said...

Great progress on your SAL! Love your projects. You did a great job on the biscornu!

Branlaadee said...

Your biscornu and needle case are beautiful! I love the design on them. I cant wait to see your ladies all finished and framed too.

Yoyo said...

Medieval ladies is gorgeous! You did a great job on your biscornu and needlecase (did you put a single line of back stitch around the design? If you do that then use that as your line to stitch the pieces together it makes the space on all side perfectly even.) Great Container this month, I hope there is not too much frogged thread from the ladies, that piece is tooooooo pretty to be frogging on.

You were right, somehow your blog was not on the TU SAL Membership list, I have no idea how I missed it but I have corrected that and will put a correction in my next blog post. Thanks for letting me know.

ladyhawthorne said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Yoyo I did add a line around the biscornu edge, that was when I discovered the cloth was not evenweave. It is rather large, about 5" across as I have lots of pins.

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