Friday, June 5, 2009

Thrifty Finds in Breckenridge

I thought I would show you my treasures I bought in Breckenridge on a little junktiquing trip to town. I have decided to make my own laundry powder as it is cheaper than the ready made, has less chemicals and actually cleans our clothes much better. In fact the first load I washed, cleaned my washer of the somewhat greasy ring around the top of the basket. YEAH! I used the recipe that Rhonda Jean from the Down-to-Earth blog gave but with some minor adjustments as we don't have soap flakes here in the US.
4 cups grated plain soap - I used Ivory soap as I didn't have any plain made up.
2 cups Borax - I used 20 Muleteam Brand
2 cups Washing Soda - I used Arm & Hammer Brand
Mix it all together and use just 2 tablespoons per load.
Yes, really, just 2 tablespoons!
I made a double batch and filled my new container you see in the picture above. A vintage bulk size tin with the label intact and an enamelware lid that actually fit it. I was hunting for an enamelware pot and lid, but this caught my eye and I had to have it. $15 for the 2 pieces and I feel like I got a bargain as it will last for years.
I took some measures to protect my new treasure since it will be used near water and will sit on top of the dryer. I spray painted the inside with some left over Rustoleum to seal it. Then I used clear nail polish to seal the top and bottom lip so it would not rust or leave a rust ring on my dryer. In order to protect that beautiful label I coated it with artist's glaze/sealer I had that I use when labeling my bath salts. Voila! And the red works perfectly as my accent color in my kitchen, just through the door, is red.

Here's my other find I just had to have. A 1950's peacock figurine in perfect condition. Found in Rex's junktique shop also. I think $15 was his price for everything that day and he knocked it down to $15 since I did not want the hideous birdcage it was sitting in at the time.
I have had a thing for peacocks for as long as I can remember, maybe it had something to do with visiting someone that raised them when I was a child. I was given several of the long stemmed tail feathers to take home and I was hooked. Notice the painting below that the new figurine sits near, it too has peacocks. I bought this watercolor many years ago from the artist and it has always been my most favorite painting.

Till next time................


Branlaadee said...

I love your Clabber Girl container! I would have snagged that for $15 too! I thought I'd drop by and visit you since you visited me. Your cats are beautiful.

ladyhawthorne said...

Thanks for the kind words, I really like your blog and some of your links that I checked out.

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