Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Ort Jar for the Totally Useless SAL

I found a totally cool blog about stitching by using the 'next blog' link in the top bar. The lady who has this blog also has a fun thing going, acronymmed TUSAL, or Total Useless SAL. Through much searching I discovered that SAL stand for Stitch A Long. Cross-stitchers and others cheer each other on to complete their projects, it's a virtual sewing bee!
The TUSAL is to save all your orts, left over snippets of thread and so on in a jar of some sort and to post the picture to your blog on each new moon. There's not really a point to it, hence it is 'totally useless'. However some participants are curious as to how much they will acquire in a year's time (it started in January and ends in December). I myself see the artistic side of it. A clear jar filled with all sizes, shapes and colors of threads, ribbons and yarn. There are a few pictures of filled jars on her site and I for one think they are beautiful. So here is mine with 2 days worth of orts, mostly cotton yarn as I have been making dishcloths. I know it's not much but I started halfway thru the year! Next post about it will be on June 22, the new moon.

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