Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Additions All the Way Around

I've got lots of vintage jewelry newly added to my etsy shop. Mom cleaned out her old jewelry box and there are some real beauties here. They have been selling very well and I still have some more to list so please check them out if you are into vintage pretties. Some like this rhinestone pin are collectible Sarah Coventry.
Some are just really cool costume pieces.

Like these two.
Our neighborhood mama cat Callie - a calico - has a new baby this year.
This is the Baby, isn't she sweet? I haven't named her as I am not positive yet if she is a boy or girl. Most likely a girl as she is pretty much calico herself. And I love her half a mustache.
Hey, you woke me up!
Just before the wake up call.
I have a new blog where I am writing about how I save money, spend less money and try to be green as well. Only a couple of posts so far but check it out at
I will be sharing what I have done and offer suggestions to others in the hopes of helping others to save, simplify and make our world a better place. In these economic hard times we all need a little help. I invite comments there to share what has worked for you. So far I have written about looking at your budget and economical entertainment ideas like movies, books and eating out. More coming as I hope to post at least every other day.
Update on moving, I believe it will be a while before we can as I will need to save up the cash to do it. The slower pace of Central Texas is calling but I can't go into worse debt to get there. So we will stay put for a while longer. At least I should get to eat the tomatoes I planted. I have 2 nicely forming tomatoes ands if we get enough sushine they may even get red. I also have 2 jalapenos from the plant that overwintered.

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