Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update on Canterbury Trails - My Garden

This is Wiley, he was left by neighbors that moved away. He looks like a Maine Coon but he is small. He's such a loving cat but does not like being inside. Since our other neighbor hates cats in her yard I'm hoping the animal control people do not get him. They have trapped quite a few of the neighborhood cats including my little Lucy Fur :(
This is Chaucer my indoor cat. He loves looking out the screen, sometimes he even escapes but doesn't stay out long. He's got a lot of Siamese in him and he talks very well. Sometimes he is downright sassy.

Some of the flowers in the very front bed, they have really taken off this year and are doing great. It has started to get hot but we keep getting little rain showers so I haven't had to really water yet.

Our cantaloupe melon patch seems to be coming along nicely.
We have loads of peaches on the little tree, even if they are small peaches, so we don't mind sharing one with this little beetle.
And the cucumbers seem to be surviving the snails. We also have a few tomatoes, more should be coming now that it is getting warmer. We need more sun though, the past 2 weeks have been very cloudy. We have a couple of peppers forming too and the onions are surviving but who knows what they look like under the dirt.
I've actually spent more time inside lately trying to declutter and clean out everything in case we get to move. I don't hold out much hope as the mortgage company really was not sounding keen on loaning us the $5500 it will take to move the mobile home. If not then we'll stay put and I'll try to save up the money we need. Now would be a good time to move as I am receiving unemployment, that would give me a chance to find work in a new place, but..... the powers that be don't seem to see it that way.
At least I have gotten some old stuff cleared out, wish I could have had a yard sale, they don't work well here in the park for some reason and the park managers don't like you to have yard sales. Spoil sports. But at least the charity shops are benefiting, I have taken 2 trunk loads already - of course my trunk is small. More going out and I haven't even touched the 2 small storage closets yet. Wonder what's in them?

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Medieval Muse said...

You've a gorgeous garden and I love your four-legged visitors. How anyone could not adore cats is beyond me.

Chaucer is gorgeous!!!

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