Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breckenridge, Texas

This is the view of Hubbard Creek Reservoir from the end of my parents street. The bridge leads the way into the town of Breckenridge 7 miles east. I'm told there is a lot of good fishing here. You can also see the lake from my parents back yard.
More of the reservoir, you can see a fishing boat at the ramp to the right. Apparently I was there for the several cloudy days they never get. It did keep the temps nice in the 70's though. One day was 106 but since there is no real humidity you don't feel it as bad. On some days the humidity was as high as 50%, like the clouds that was highly unusual. Maybe I brought it with me from the Gulf Coast. Since I am used to 80+% humidity it was heaven to me. My allergies cleared up some and my arthritis almost went away. I could actually stand for an hour and still not hurt and didn't pay for it the next day.

We took the hour trip to Abilene and almost there we came upon the wind farm! I am so amazed and awe inspired by these. I am told the towers are 440' tall and the length of one propeller is 220'. Awesome! There are about 2000 of these right now and they are adding more, cheaper electricity and an ever renewing resource that does not pollute. The average slow wind speed out there in 15 mph and most often is higher, Breckenridge and surrounding areas are very windy.

This is a wheat straw or wheat hay field. they cut and bale it for animal feed and such. It was a gorgeous golden color and would have been prettier under a blue sky I'm sure.

This is the Albany courthouse halfway between Breckenridge and Abilene. I tried to get a picture of the Breckenridge courthouse but it is surrounded by pecan trees, they seem to be the only trees that grow to any height there, most trees you see on the ranch lands are mesquite which are short.
Here we are in the center of town, the buildings face the main street - Walker - and this is 2 small oil well pumps. Up and down the street is the residential area.
Here's the one large oil well pump working away, on the same street in the residential area.

This is what you see for miles traveling to Breckenridge or Abilene. Mesquite trees, few cacti, cattle, oil well pumps and storage tanks. These might be water tanks but I'm not sure.

This part of Texas is dry and has been in a drought for a while, but there was plenty of rain last year and we can hope for more, at least enough.
The pace of life is slower, the people friendlier and the smiles more ready than here in the Houston area. Maybe its the central Texas way, maybe its the smaller community of it all, but I'm hooked. I want to move and I am gathering information to see if I can. Now is a good time as I am unemployed, it would give me time to find a job there. All I need is someplace to live. I will need tomove my mobile home and there are not that many places to put it as I can't afford to buy land. But I am looking.
Lots of work ahead to move, I am cleaning out and decluttering reducing the amount of stuff that would have to be moved. Any little bit would help. I have too much stuff and its time someone else got to enjoy it. More updates soon.

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