Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Jewelry Items!

I have added some new jewelry items to my etsy shop, below are some examples. I have really enjoyed creating these, it's a new craft for me and in some ways has been a challenge, always a good thing!
They are not as large as the pictures make out, they are either 1" x 1.5" or 1" x 2". I am finally getting to use some images I have been hanging on to for years because they were too pretty to throw out. And of course I am recycling the left over scrap bits.
I love angel images and so I have quite a few of those and the icons just go right along with them. These pendants are double sided, there is a different image on each side. Check out my etsy shop to see more pendants and more details.
I'm also including a sheet with the life story and troparion and kontakion prayers for each saint icon pendant. I have always loved reading about the saints that have gone before us.
These pendants are made with 2 pieces of glass which are sealed with copper foil and lead free solder. I've only been making them for a couple of weeks and have already sold several. Since there are a lot of these kinds of pendants in other etsy shops, I believe my sales are because no one else is using icons or angels. At least that's my theory. But I want to create something new and different, otherwise why bother.
Till next time, Happy Holidays!

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