Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm the local Cat Lady now

I thought I would share pictures of our furbabies. We started out with 3 inside the house and then 2 decided they wanted to live outside. Cats are fairly sociable and they like to invite all their friends for dinner. So now we share the porch with a whole kitty cousin family. Left to right in the picture is Boccaccio, a stray we brought home Christmas of 2007. He was one of the indoor cats and has been declawed as he refused to use the scratching post. Now that he is outside, he has a habit of boxing. He boxes any cat he thinks is getting out of line, but with no claws he does no damage. He is also the largest of the cats at 20 pounds. 2nd in line is Callie. She's a neighborhood stray, a calico, and is looking good now that she gets regular meals. 3rd in line is our indoor cat, Chaucer. He thinks he is king of the whole house. I have finally taught him to say mama and to lay on my shoulder while I check emails. Its entertaining to type one handed while he does that. The 4th one in the photo is technically our next door neighbor's cat Gypsy. But like his 2 brothers, he likes our house better, or maybe it's just our food. The little black one is Lucy Fur, she is a another stray that showed up for meals a few weeks back. She's still pretty skinny but very sweet, and thinks she wants to live inside. I keep putting her back outside. The sleeping kitty is my old lady cat Precious, who is about 16 and is a Hemmingway cat with 6 toes on each foot. She seems to like being outside after spending the last 9 years inside. And the last picture is Gypsy's brother Wiley who is so very hard to take a picture of. He keeps moving! He is the most gorgeous cat with long thick fur and tufts on his ears and the fuzziest tail ever. Missing are pics of Gypsy and Wiley's brother Sabbath, Mater from across the street, Ceasar, and a couple of other ones that only show up occasionally. Guess you can see why I am now the official cat lady around here.

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