Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Rag Bags!

I've been experimenting with using strips of cloth rather than yarn.  I was trying for a scarf but it was turning out too heavy and stiff, so I turned it into a handbag!
Since I was going for a scarf the bottom was done last on this one.  I lined it and added pockets as well inside.  I will be adding large snaps to hold it closed.  Its about 15" tall
This is my 2nd one, I made the bottom 1st and it looks a lot neater.  I have not lined it or added a handle yet.  This one is shorter and probably a better size, about 12" tall.  I will most likely will fold over the top edge like I did the 1st one and cover this semi raw edge with the lining.
I have a 3rd one started in variegated colors similar to the 1st one but not stripey.
Mom wants one in all colors so I will be making more.  Hopefully there will be a market for them.

1 comment:

Debra Dixon said...

Those are great! They could also be baskets in the home like the wrapped cord ones.

Keep experimenting! Love them!

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