Friday, March 2, 2018

Working on New Journals, Use What You Have!

I have been working on 2 new journals, this time for myself.
This is just the cover, its empty inside though I have some pages completed.  I wasn't sure I wanted this print for this particular journal but didn't have funds to buy anything different as I would have had to order some online.  It must have been serendipity because the cardstock I am using for the pages are all these same colors and everything works well together.
Another journal for myself with peacock fabric I bought months ago.  I adore peacocks and wanted to make a visual journal of just peacocks and similar colored birds.
This is an old typing manual so it flips open at the top.
I removed almost 2/3 of the pages because as you glue in images you are adding 2 layers to every page.  Then I painted pages with craft paint, fairly thinly and the paper is so good it barely curled on the edges.  I was also in a painty paper swap with 2 other people and the paper on the left, among many others, was done by a swap partner.  The swap asked for favorite colors and I received all the peacock colors I could have wanted.  Those papers are pasted onto the ones actually in the book and bird images will go on top in random patterns.


Terra said...

These are beautiful and happy journal covers. I write in my journal but it is store bought; I admire your creating your own.

Debra Dixon said...

Very pretty!

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