Thursday, March 2, 2017

Seeds are Sprouting!

The seeds I started are sprouting.  I have Merritt Collards in the back, Homestead tomatoes in the second row and TX wild tomatoes in the front.

They were very slow to start this year so I put a heating pad on low under the pie plate I'm using.  Two days later I had sprouts!

I really like the Jiffy pellets to start them in, it makes it easy and nearly foolproof.  Just soak the pellets until they swell up, then stick 2 or 3 seeds in the hole and cover with a bit of the soil.  I set mine in a glass pie plate and tape paper notes as to which ones are what, then I use my desk lamp with the bendable neck to get the light down close.  I put a bit of water in the plate as it goes dry.

Once the sprouts are up I plant the whole thing in a 2" pot.  Those pots go in a plastic bin so I can water from the bottom and easily carry them outside during the day.

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