Friday, March 3, 2017

Look What the Cat Drug In....Literally!

My female cat Buttercup is a wonderful huntress.  She brings me her treasures of mice and rats with no heads, snakes, lizards and the occasional bird.  Today she found these...

You can click on the photo to see it larger.  Those are 2 baby wild bunnies, their eyes are not open yet.  I found the nest with no more bunnies so I took the nesting material.  They are cozy, warm & protected in their new nest.  Its inside the cat carrier in my room.  

Feeding them a couple times a day will be easier than trying to keep Buttercup and other neighborhood cats away from them.  I tried that 2 years ago when I set up a chicken wire fence around the nest to keep the cat out during the day and kept the cat in at night and the fencing open so bunny mama could feed them babies.

One died and the rest disappeared until Buttercup brought me one back again.  Unfortunately it also died as Buttercup had played too hard with it.  

So I am trying to be the bunny mama and letting the cat be a cat but not able to get to the babies.  I went to Tractor Supply and picked up some goat milk in a can to feed them.  I've watched some videos and it seems they will do ok if they are not injured.  So wish me luck so I can release them back into the wild when they are bigger.

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