Tuesday, November 8, 2016

An Update on the Bible Cover & Decision to Make

I managed to get one row of red stitching around the edge of the back cover, but I think it really needs two rows to set it off.

And then the decision to make for the front, should I edge with red or purple ribbon?  I lean toward the purple since there is so much red there already, but it would need maybe one row of red embroidery to finish it off.  I had spoken of adding some metallic thread but now I don't think it need it.

Any opinions out there?


lotta joy said...

Why not edge the front with both colors???? And I agree that the back needs another row of red. Remember: The difference between art and mayhem is knowing when to stop.

You're not quite there yet, but after the embroidery and the thin ribbons, I think you'll be finished with the adornments.

It is lovely.

Judy said...

Like lotta joy, I think both ribbons would work as you have them laid out.

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