Friday, August 12, 2016

Review of Gotham Steel Frying Pan and Paula Deen Cookware & Utensils

I don't think I have ever done a real review of anything before, however I am so pleased with this first product I wanted to share it with you.

First off, no one has asked to review these products or compensated me in any way, this is my own personal opinion of the items.

You have probably seen the commercials for these frying pans on TV.  After viewing the infomercial I thought it might be a good item for our family.  

Mom likes non-stick pans and had several teflon types and one ceramic pan.  The problem with the teflon pans is that they get easily scratched and the next thing you know the teflon is in your food.  The ceramic pans are ok but if you burn something it seems to always burn in that same spot.

So I mentioned these to Mom as Dad could not possibly ruin the finish by using metal utensils and knives in it (he will cut the breakfast ham in the pan) and it would be the non-stick that she and I like without leaving teflon flakes in our food.

They come in 2 sizes and Mom ordered both.  We have been using them nearly every day for the past 4 months and I have never been happier with a frying pan.
They really do clean up as easy as is shown on TV.  Metal utensils do not hurt or scratch them.  Even if you burn something it comes right off and cleaning them is a breeze.  I do dishes by hand each day and every day I am thankful we have these.

They are also lightweight so if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis they are easy to use.

The frying pans run $19.99, a good buy any way you look at it.  In case you are interested, they also make other cookware which I am hoping to get eventually so we can lose the rest of the teflon coated stuff.

Oh, yeah, the teflon stuff is this set by Paula Deen:
Nice enough as teflon goes but I have one major problem with the design.  The saucepans have a curve to them, the bottoms are wider that the tops which works nicely to keep things from slopping out if you stir too hard, but they are a royal pain to get out of the cupboard if you stack them.  You have to angle them to get them unstuck.  I love Paula, but her cookware, not so much.

I do like the 2 silicone utensils that came with the above set, however this set below
royally sucks.  
They are hard plastic which is ok, but look at the handles, that larger width at the back end is hiding a secret.  I cannot count the number of times they have flipped out of a pot or large bowl and landed on the floor taking food with them because that back end of the handle weighs so much.  I can honestly say I hate these.  Once again a design flaw.  I wonder, does Paula ever really use these?

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