Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stand Up For Yourself

I had an experience today I wanted to share.  It was a lesson in standing up for yourself.

I made a trip to our local Walmart for a few needed items and while going through the meat section saw a large bone in ham on sale for 90¢ a pound.  That made it half price!  There was only one left and I put it in my cart.

By the time I finished getting all the other things I needed and traversing the entire store to get them and then go to the checkout it was probably 40 minutes later.  I watch the readout at the checkout pretty close when I am getting things marked on sale and you guessed it, then ham came up at full price.

I explained to the cashier about the sign and that this had been the last ham in the bin.  She went to the meat section to check things out.  She came back with the lady in charge of the meat section to tell me the sale was over, the sign was gone and the ham was full price.  She wanted to know if I still wanted the ham...uh, NO, not if it is not on sale.

I paid for the rest of my stuff and before I left I went to the customer service desk and spoke to the lady there since the store mgr was off today.  I explained the whole thing from start to finish and said "How would I have known it was on sale for 90¢ a pound if I had not seen the sign?"

She went and spoke to the meat dept lady and came back with the ham - still the only one there - and proceeded to over-ride the system so I could have it for the sale price.

I was polite and not angry during all this even if I was feeling perturbed.  I think that helped the situation.  The weird part was that the meat dept. lady said the sale ended on the 22nd.  Today is the 26th!  It's not my fault if they don't take signs down at the appropriate time.

I once had a similar thing happen when buying rugs.  They wrote the sign with the wrong size on it and I got my rugs for like 75% off the retail price...only because I went back to the dept. with the salesperson to show her the sign.  She could not argue with me or get rid of the sign because I was right there.

Years ago I would have just said ok and left without what I wanted or needed.  Not anymore.  Now I politely stand up for myself and for what's right.  I worked retail for too many years not to know what's right to do for the customer.


lotta joy said...

I've always volunteered to lay down and be a door mat. Only after hitting the last years of my life have I started noticing how people will finagle and twist the truth on me. Before, I too would have known inside that the sign had been there, but doubt I was going to win the argument. (peace at any price) Bravo dear lady, and enjoy that ham.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Being polite goes a long way...even if it doesn't at the time, you STILL must stand your ground. I once bought a trash can at Walmart. It rang at a higher price at the checkout. I questioned it...too a cashier manager to the sign. She said someone had put the can in the wrong spot and I should have KNOWN it was in the wrong place. Well excuse me, I understand how that can happen, but I kindly requested that the price be honored which she grudgingly did. Before I retired, I worked with the public. The customer IS always right, even when we are wrong.
Carol who came here from Rainey's blog.

ladyhawthorne said...

You are soooo right Carol, as a friend of mine has said, "Let me know when this actually becomes MY problem."

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