Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Bible Journaling - Job Opening Page

One of my favorite pages I have done so far.  The swirls with vines I drew out many years ago in purple ultra fine point pen, just a regular ball point pen.  

Recently I decided to color it in with watercolor.  There was no gesso used so the page did ripple a little bit even though I used a fairly dry brush.  To get the depth of color just layer several thin coats.  

The tab marker is yellow for this book of the bible so I brought that in with the yellow background in one section.  I think it shows the tears off quite nicely.

Tears of course for Job's many trials he went through, swirls to represent the turmoil he must have felt and my own confusion with this particular book, and finally new vine sprouts to symbolize the new life that God gave to Job.

The leaves along the side are on a piece of washi tape found at Dollar Tree.

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