Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Bible Journaling - Flag Triangles & Redoing a Title

Quite a few years ago I drew the flag triangles and colored them in shades of blue with prismacolor colored pencil.  They are outlined with a gold metallic pen.

I've never cared for the book title font in this bible and have redone them in various ways.  I recently redid Deuteronomy.

First I took this tool
and held it like a pencil using this edge
and lightly and carefully scraped away the ink of the title.
This bible has thick pages with a clay base, this technique will not work on other kinds of paper.
Then I cut a piece of a blank self stick label to the width I wanted and stuck it gently in place.  The end was trimmed to fit around the flags and the excess was gently peeled off.  The original title was scraped because it was dark enough to show through the label.

Next the label was colored with watercolor from my cheap kids set, not using much water as these labels will wrinkle.  I played with the colors to get a sense of movement.

Lastly I added the gold metallic stick on letters.  So after 20 years, this page is finally done.

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