Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Bible Journaling - Adding Printed Images

Another instance of recent personalizing.  I printed out this wonderful icon of Abraham's hospitality to cover a historical information page.  This icon is more meaningful to me, can you imagine serving a meal to angels?!

I added the labeling at the top with a very fine point black marker. and used a gold metallic gel pen to make the halos shine.

If you don't feel you can draw pictures for your bible, you can always trace and color some, cut one out of a magazine or use your computer to print out an image you find.  Printing one is perfect because you can tell it what size to print.  I have found you will get the best outcome by choosing an image that is large, that way it won't pixilate.

The way I usually find images is to do a Google image search, save the image to my computer and then just print it out.  

I used crafter's sticky tape to attach the images in my bible, no messy or wet glue.  The tape comes in a plastic container and you can easily buy refills of the tape.  It's like just the sticky part of Scotch tape.  I get mine at Walmart. 

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