Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How To Make A Cone Christmas Tree #5

We now have 5 trees!
See tree 1 here for basic instructions, and here for trees 2, 3 & 4.
For tree 5 I got out some cardstock that I use in creating some of my saint pendants.  Some of the colors are just not suitable for that so all the bright greens were pulled for this project.  

I also created another paper by tacking down green strips of the wrapping paper used on tree 2, onto cardstock that came as part of the packages of the sparkly paper from Dollar Tree.  Yes, I save everything!

I used my 1" and 3/4" circle punches.  The 3/4" were used for the last 2 rows at the top of the tree.
I used hot glue for this tree as it sets up fast.  The circles of each kind were laid out in piles and were used in sequence to keep from having very many of the same right next to each other on the tree.

The base of this tree is a glass jar that used to hold bacon bits.  I wrapped it with brown sparkly paper from my stash.  It was hot glued around the lid and shoved into the cone and quickly made straight before the glue dried.

You don't have to, but I layered the circles in different directions for each row.
For the very top I made a small cone and hot glued it in place as the last row of 3/4" circle went taller that the cone edge and hid the glue.  This is a very sturdy tree that unlike the white curly paper tree, can take being handled.

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