Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Bible Journaling - Beginning Over 20 Years Ago

I ran across a Pinterest post on Bible journaling here.  Well, hello, I had been doing that in various ways for over 20 years.  Dina's got some good tips and info on what to use so please read her posts if you are interested in doing this.

It started with me looking for a more creative way to highlight verses.  And I have always made notes in the margins - even the medieval scribes did it!  This verse is highlighted with prismacolor and edged with a gold leaf pen.

While Dina chose a bible specifically for her purpose, one with thin pages, I used the bible I had and used every week at church.  Mine has regular weight paper pages. 

As you can see, I like a variety of styles.  I guess I was doing zentangles before it was 'the thing' the do.

This page combines my favorite colors and some of my favorite designs.  I have several books on illuminated books so a lot of my inspiration comes from them.

This page is done with prismacolors, my personal favorite medium because it is quiet and can be done during church.  I 'hear' better if my hands are busy.  The outside border  and reworking of the title I did later at home with black ink.  

This is the start of a weekly post on bible journaling so please follow, bookmark, etc. so you don't miss any.


Terra said...

I like the idea of Bible journaling.

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