Sunday, July 19, 2015

Yard Saleing & Thrift Shopping

I managed to sell some items on Ebay and Etsy this last week, yay!  I had spent 4 long days working on almost 100 items.  That includes photographing, editing the photos, adding the items to my inventory list, researching their worth and finally writing up the listing.  But hey, if Ebay is going to give me free listings I won't complain.

I also went through my old jewelry stash of crosses and put together the sterling silver ones with chains for a complete necklace.  I bought these years ago in lots off Etsy for a good price and never got around to doing anything with them.  Anyone else have that problem?  Of course everything had to be cleaned and polished first.  Last week was super busy doing all this.  Everything is on Ebay right now and most is already in my Etsy store as well, so if you need or want a cross necklace please visit my Etsy store!

There were several promising yard sales here this weekend so off I went on Friday after mailing 2 more things at the post office.  I hit 4 yard sales and Goodwill.
The picture frames, jewelry and Darth Vader were from yard sales.  The story on Darth is that I was looking at it when a boy of about 10 came over and showed me how it worked by pressing a section of his chest.  I asked what does it do?  And he said gum balls came out if you filled it.  When I went to pay my whopping 25 cents, he asked if I really liked his Darth Vader.  I said yes and that I was waiting for the new movie to come out.  He said he didn't really like Star Wars (!?) but he loved GUM!  Hahahahaha.

The cowhide day planner by American West, coyote and flask came from Goodwill.  Looks like the day planner will be worth about $45 at least.
 All of this came from Goodwill, the figurine is about 10" tall, made in Japan and looks to be worth around $20.  The rest were in a grab bag of $1.99, would you believe the 1970s egg timer is going for $20 on Ebay?

The best part of the yard saleing was the 2 bags of home grown tomatoes I got for $5...especially since ours are still green.

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Rue said...

That's so funny that the kid just liked the gumboil part lol

Great finds :)


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