Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Get Rid of a Headache Without Pills

Have a headache that won't go away?  Don't like eating OTC pills?  You might want to try this.
Yup, a cup of coffee.  I'm told it even works on some migraines.  The caffeine dilates the blood vessel and eases the headache.

I have had several days running of sinus pressure headaches due to the weather.  I also don't like taking too many OTC pain relievers as they are not good for your kidneys.  Today, even that did not help.  So I brewed up an extra strong pot of coffee and made my elixir.

You see I don't like coffee so I take a large cup, dump in a package of instant hot chocolate, add coffee and sip it down.  Today required a second cup.  It works.  For sinus pressure I also will soak a washcloth with extremely hot water, squeeze it out and lay over my eyes and nose.  Ahhhh, that feels so much better now.

If you can't drink caffeinated coffee or have chocolate for whatever reasons you probably need to pass this by and if you have any questions, please check with your physician first.

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