Tuesday, March 10, 2015

School Spirit Charms & Cross Stitch Update

While it has still been cold and rainy (and we are very thankful for the rain) I've been working on the cross stitch of the 4 seasons, specifically Spring.
Sorry for the ripples,  I tend to keep it in the hoop until I'm done with a section.

I was supposed to be at a trade days event last weekend but the weather was so nasty they postponed it, so it will be this coming weekend.  I'll be taking my Saintly Images jewelry but I wanted to make something I thought might sell really well.
So I made these School Spirit penny charm necklaces.  The event is in Ranger : Bulldogs, the next town over is Eastland : Mavericks and the green ones are Breckenridge : Buckaroos which is the town I live in.  Not knowing if they will sell or not, I only made 7 of each.  
Thankfully this event is free to do for the first 3 months, if it works out I will keep doing it.
They are penny charms, I drill a small hole in the penny and decoupage the printed image in place, attach a jump ring and cord necklace.  

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