Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One More Flower & Bunny Foo Foos

First of all, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I almost have the Spring cross-stitch square done, just one more flower to go.  I tried but was too tired to finish it last night.
Here's why I was tired:
Those are baby bunnies!  Aren't they adorable?  Right now they are the size of a mouse.  My cat found the nest in our backyard and thought they made great playthings.  They are currently caged off with chicken wire which I have to remove at night so the mama bunny can feed them.  Based on photos I've looked at they appear to be about 2 weeks old and won't be able to be on their own until about 6 weeks.

Kind of puts a crimp in my garden plans because the nest is where I wanted to put in a raised bed.  I planned for four 10" tall beds along the fence line and even if I skip over this area, what happens when the melons and tomatoes start growing?  Are the bunnies going to eat the plants up?  Geez, sometimes Mother Nature just does not want to co-operate.  
I do have tiny sprouts up on 2 okra and 1 tiger melon however.  Last year seed starting was a dismal failure except for some jalapenos.  So I'm hopeful this year will be better. 

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Judy S. said...

Hi Angela, I looked for your email but don't seem to have it. I love your stitchery; it's beautiful. (When you finish the last flower, you might want to add an umlaut (..) over the "u" in "fruhling;" perhaps you already have it there, and I can't see it.) Those bunnies are very cute; I hope they leave your garden alone!

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