Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journey Through Time Quilt

I've been spending most of my time lately clearing out stuff because I will be moving soon.  But Sunday I did only a little of that and spent some happy time cutting quilt squares.
I didn't cut all these, a good many are charm square packs I bought already cut.  It's a great way to get quilt squares for a project like mine where I don't want to repeat a fabric.
This will show you the height of the stacks I have, the paper wrapped bottom section is a charm square pack.  I have no idea how many squares I have as I didn't count them.

The ones I cut out Sunday were from fabric scraps a friend gave me.  I just need to get some plain off white now, I'm thinking muslin will be nice and old fashioned to set off the colorful squares.
This is the design, sometimes called a Trip Around the World.  I've decided to call mine a Journey Through Time.  Some of my fabrics are vintage and some are reproduction back to pre-civil war era, and all the way up to current day fabric.  I had originally thought to do a quilt that would look like it had been made in the 1930's with fabrics maybe found in an old trunk.  But I have changed my mind and it will be an homage of sorts to all those wonderful women in the family that have made quilts to keep their families warm, no matter what era they lived in, including my own.

I may even sneak a few photo images into it, you never know.

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