Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New & Exciting Project

Good old St John is on hold for a while.  I have new and exciting things in the works that so far have nothing to do with stitching but may turn my life completely around.  And I'm sorry for the quality on the photos, I had to use the flash.  
I usually make saint pendants but recently made some pins, or brooches as they are called in some places.  This one is tiny at just 3/4" square.
And I'm totally pleased with this one:
This St Francis is about twice the size and is in my collage style.  You probably can't tell but the background is real 23kt gold leaf.

The exciting part is that my friend Debra has inspired me to branch out into other directions with saints to fill my Etsy shop and is my new partner in my shop...as soon as she gets some items together for it.  Check out her blog to see her fabulous needlework including her piece that showed at the Sacred Threads Show in Washington DC.
Lots of new ideas are flowing and you'll get to see them here as I put them together.  

We are also planning to enter a juried art show here in Houston so keep your fingers crossed we get accepted.


Judy S. said...

Gook luck with this new venture!

Grace said...

This is so lovely! I like doing little framed pieces like this too, so I appreciate how much effort you put into that one.

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