Tuesday, May 7, 2013

St Nicholas is Slowly Coming Together

Nicholas is coming together nicely.  When I am working on it I can't see the design, it's too close.  But I am amazed every time I back off and look.
What appears as a muddle of random stitches up close becomes 3 oranges on a plate with fingers curved  around the edge when you hold it away.

Here is some of the legend of St. Nicholas:
Nicholas was born in the city of Patara in the region of Lycia (on the south coast of the Asia Minor peninsula), and was the only son of pious parents Theophanes and Nonna, who had vowed to dedicate him to God.
As the fruit of the prayer of his childless parents, the infant Nicholas from the very day of his birth revealed to people the light of his future glory as a wonderworker. His mother, Nonna, after giving birth was immediately healed from illness. The newborn infant, while still in the baptismal font, stood on his feet three hours, without support from anyone, thereby honoring the Most Holy Trinity. St Nicholas from his infancy began a life of fasting, and on Wednesdays and Fridays he would not accept milk from his mother until after his parents had finished their evening prayers.
From his childhood Nicholas thrived on the study of Divine Scripture; by day he would not leave church, and by night he prayed and read books, making himself a worthy dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. Bishop Nicholas of Patara rejoiced at the spirituality and deep piety of his nephew. He ordained him a reader, and then elevated Nicholas to the priesthood, making him his assistant and entrusting him to instruct the flock.
More next time...

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Cyra said...

Well, I never knew any of that.
I find it rather surprising that most people (me included) only associate him with giving gifts at Christmas. He actually led an interesting life before the gift giving episode that he is most famous for.
Thanks for sharing.

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