Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Make Soft Spreadable Butter Quickly

A few years back I made the switch from margarine to real butter.  This is part of my good food journey, eating REAL food that my grandparents would have recognized and not the chemical laden crap the store carry so much of now.

But one thing I missed about the one molecule away from plastic margarine was the soft spreadability of it.  I keep my butter in the fridge most of the time as I don't use it every day.  Sometimes I would forget to take it out and let it soften which is usually 30 or more minutes depending on the season.

Somewhere in blogland I read how to soften butter quickly and easily and I'd like to share the secret.
Leave your butter in the paper (I only put it on a plate for company) and microwave it for 5 seconds on each of the 4 long sides for a total of 20 seconds.  I start with the opening side first so it won't leak if it gets a little too soft on the last go round. 

Remember only 5 seconds each side.  I use this method even with half & quarter sticks though it sometimes only needs 3 sides done if it is small.


HermitJim said...

Now that's a tip I can use! Thanks for sharing it.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing!! This is useful.

Anonymous said...

I switched to real butter about 20 years ago and was rewarded with a relief from constant joint pain in my fingers. To do the soft bit, what I do is whip softened butter with a equal amount of olive oil, then I pour it into sealable glass lidded bowls to keep in the stays spreadable soft at refrigerator temp and is still buttery and delicious.

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