Thursday, May 23, 2013

And A Rabbit Came to Visit...

I went out to water the tomatoes and peppers this evening and I had a little visitor.
I didn't have my camera so I found this image on the internet that was the closest to what he looked like.  He had more black than this bunny does, more spots where this one is white.  If he were mine I would have named him Domino.

I think he may be an escaped rabbit as he was totally unafraid of me and meandered around snacking on whatever he found tasty.  We were out there with me talking to him about 15-20 minutes, all while I was watering with the hose sprayer.  I told him he could come munch on my radish greens as I don't believe I am going to get any radishes since they bolted with the weird cold hot cold hot weather we have had.  He didn't seem interested so maybe he doesn't like radishes.
This is the sort of rabbit I'm used to seeing, varying shades of grey and brown.
Maybe he'll come back again when I have my camera.

By the way, I live in the suburbs but I routinely have raccoons and possums come to visit...they like the cat food I put out for the outdoor cats.  The person that mows for me said I had a few baby garter snakes in the back too.   I occasionally hear an owl at night and sometimes see a hawk.  Snakes, owls and hawks are good for keeping down the mice.  The property behind me is a pasture for some cows, a couple of horses and some chickens with their resident rooster.  On property behind the houses across the street I sometimes hear sheep so they may have kids in the FFA.  There's folks down the road that have horses too.  Sometimes I have to remind myself the freeway is less than a mile away.

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