Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bean Leaves to Get Rid of Bedbugs?

So Europeans for generations used bean leaves to trap bedbugs with great success.

Now scientists are trying to figure out how to replicate the bean leaves synthetically so they can get rid of bed bugs.

Read the article here.

My question is why don't they just take the money they are spending on this research and development, which is apparently not going perfectly, and pay the bean farmers for their leaves?

Guess it's too simple a solution for a scientist.


Darla Mae said...

Ha! You're absolutely right,because it's too simple a solution and no one (but the farmers),would make any money from it!! I wonder who is funding the scientists research?! I'll bet a big corporation looking to make big bucks from the results!

Lady Locust said...

Because then 'they' have no control over the market ($$$). The root of all evil:( I certainly enjoy your blog - have become increasingly aware of the synthetic chemicals (like those that chase away bed bugs) that are in our foods, soaps, and daily use - then of course trying not to use them. Love your name by the way as mine is 'LadyLocust."
Happy Wednesday,

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