Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Garden for 2013

I'm moving slow in the garden but it is happening so I thought I would show you some photos.
This is my little vegetable garden so far.  I've had to move it from where I used to grow things as there is too much shade now.  So I went for buckets in case this patch gets too shady or too hot I can move them easily.
On the far left is the peach tree I drastically cut back last month and it has leafed out nicely.
It even has 3 tiny peaches on it.
There are 2 short box planters filled with 3 rows of radishes each.
Next are 3 heirloom tomatoes, a German Johnson and 2 Cherokee.  
There's blooms on the German Johnson already.  I planted marigolds and carrots around them and around the peppers. I have 3 golden bell peppers and 1 mariachi hot pepper.
Hopefully next weekend I can plant the watermelon, beans & peas.
Here's the amaryllis my neighbor girl picked and if you look close you can see the brownish red bud of the second flower stalk.  Maybe I will get to keep this one.  Black eyed Susan vine is meandering with the fig ivy and Mexican petunias.
Just around the corner are the shamrocks, always in shade and they always bounce back after the heat of summer and bloom most all winter.
Native lantana with it's pink, orange, yellow flowers, it needs to be cut back again, I do it about 3 times a year.  My garden is kind of woodsy, no formality at all.
A bit weedy looking but these bright orange flowers bloomed all winter even through the cold.  I forget what they are called but the butterflies and hummingbirds love them.  Pardon the trash that blew in.
I've had a few of these volunteer wild sage bloom all winter too.
This is the front bed that desperately needs a haircut.  It won't be long before it is filled with purple beebalm. That's a hybrid purple lantana on the right and some more wild sage standing up tall.  The tall bushy stuff toward the left is firecracker and it is blooming but it's hard to see in this shot.
And I did a composite of my porch plants I just re-potted today.  If you straighten out the angle this is what the porch looks like from my glider.  St Fiacre (statue) is the patron saint of gardeners.  The 3 pots on the table and the short one next to the lily are aloe.  They were all in one pot till today.  The lily my neighbor gave me yesterday and when it's done blooming I will cut it back and plant in the yard.  The pot in the tall holder holds a bay laurel.  I will move it to get more sun but it's ok for now.  With the roof on the porch it is always shady

It's been a perfect day weatherwise, high of 77, low humidity and a slight breeze.  Wish it would stay like this all year round.


Lady Locust said...

It's looking great - am a little jealous though. I have a few things started inside, but we won't be able to plant outside until at least May.
Happy Spring,

Debra Spincic said...

Always nice to have some flowers blooming! I have roses blooming in the front yard. Our tomato plant has a little tomato already! Let's hope we don't get stuck in a drought again this summer.

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